Closed in Norrköping
We are moving to Stockholm, and have therefore closed down our escape room in Norrköping!

Twisted Keys Escape Room

Twisted Keys Escape Room now moves to Stockholm! On September 1st, we open our escape rooms in Solna. It’s also possible for us to come out to you with our portable Escape Room The Angel of Death in Stockholm and it’s surrounding area. Contact us to book.

Escape room
Gather your team


Gather your friends and form your dream team. Each team consists of 2-6 People. No prior knowledge is required but logical thinking and strong collaboration are key abilities to succeed. Participants under the age of 14 must have an adult in their team.

Find a way out


The team gets locked in a themed room filled with clues, puzzles and problems. You have 60 minutes to connect all the dots and find the way out. It’s extremely important to work together to succeed with the mission in time.

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Escape Room

An Escape Room is an exciting and fun activity that suits everybody:

Perfect for families


Are family evenings often spent together in front of the TV? Take an opportunity to do something new and exciting. Perfect for families with children from 10 years and up.



If you are looking for a team building activity, Twisted Keys Escape Room have exactly what you need. It’s a different activity that many on the conference hasn’t tried before. To get out of the room, team work and creative thinking are needed. Contact us and we can help arrange a successful event for you and your colleagues. It is possible to book the entire room even outside the regular opening hours.

Take advantage of the student discount


Take a break from the studying while still keeping the mind sharpened. We offer a student discount of 10% upon presentation of valid student ID. (cannot be combined with other offers)

The romance flows in the rooms


Twisted Keys is a perfect place for a successful date. What’s more romantic than being locked up with your sweetheart? If it sounds too difficult, make it a double date.

Sleep, eat, escape, repeat


Why not make the pre-party the topic for the after party. Regardless if it’s after-work, a birthday celebration, bachelor- or bachelorette party in Stockholm, Twisted Keys Escape Room is suitable as an activity. We recommend not to drink too much before, so plan this as an early activity on your schedule.

Visiting address

Twisted Keys
Infanterigatan 29
171 59 Stockholm

076-118 55 12
[email protected]