Perfect Crime

Perfect Crime – Under construction

Twisted Keys Escape Rooms presents our second Escape Room – Perfect Crime. Your reputation, for getting into the most impossible places, have given you a new job. An anonymous client has hired you to help get hold of the Phoenix Cube. According to legends, this ancient object holds immense powers that can destroy the world, and build a new one in its ashes. As long as the client is willing to pay, you are happy to fulfill his fantasies.

The client has been notified that the organization Black Forest recently found the Phoenix Cube during one of their expeditions. They keep it in the mansion to a high-ranking representative called the Collector. The cube is hidden in her office, and after careful planning you have found a way in. You know that she is at a meeting now and will not come back for an hour. This is your chance!

The task is to find and steal the cube. But to perform the perfect crime, no one can know that you have been there. To make this possible you have to replace the original with a copy. You have hacked the security system and closed down all the sensors. But it is important that you put everything back in its original place before you leave. When the system starts again it will notice if things are not in the right position.

I will keep count of your performance and you better get out before the collector returns.

Are you ready to commit the perfect crime?

Suitable for 2-6 participants. This room has more tricky puzzles, but is well suited to both beginners and experienced players.

Comming soon!