Are you looking for a team building activity for your next kick-off, conference or Christmas party? Then we have an exciting activity for you! Escape Room is a perfect activity when you want to develop your staff’s ability to communicate and solve problems together. You are faced with a series of puzzles and problems that require creative thinking and cooperation in order to carry out a mission before time runs out. No physical elements are involved, so everyone can participate.

Portable Escape Room

For larger groups, our portable Escape Room is ideal. It can be arranged for groups from 12 up to 64 people. For larger groups than this please contact us in good time.

We bring the experience out to you, and you assume the role of policemen in search of a serial killer called the Angel of Death. He gets a kick out of playing with the cops, and now he has sent a box of puzzles to you! Do you manage to figure out the solution to all the puzzles in the box before time runs out and save his next victim?

To arrange this, we need either a large conference room or several smaller meeting rooms. Each team also needs a table. If you do not have your own premises, we might be able to fix suitable premises in Solna, please contact us for price quote.

We can adapt to your requests for start times, both day and night. We are stationed in Stockholm and can come out to the surrounding area at no extra cost. For areas further from Stockholm please contact us for price quotes.

The price per person is 250 sek/excl. VAT. Non-Profit associations and the like can contact us for price quotes.

Some practical information:
We come out to you before the activity starts to prepare everything. At the beginning of the activity, we have a small introduction and explain how it all works. If there is a screen or similar available, we can also show a short movie explaining the story itself. It is also possible for us to present the story without a screen if it’s not available.
If you have not divided into groups in advance, participants are now divided into groups of 5-8 people. Each group gets its own box and can now start the challenge. Then you have an hour to try to solve all the puzzles and challenges to get into the box. We will be available during this hour and help you along the way if it is necessary.
In the end we usually have a small gathering where we announce the winners, which receives a small prize from us.

City Hunting in Stockholm/Norrköping: Outbreak

Outbreak is a new and exciting concept, it is a mix of an Escape Room and a city hunt. Outbreak brings many of the fun parts from Escape Room, but moves them out into new surroundings. There will be lots of fun puzzles and teasers that you have to solve around the city.

During the event, a deadly virus has spread across the city and it’s up to you to stop it before it’s too late. You are divided into smaller groups of about 4-6 people in each team, that have the opportunity to compete against each other. Each team needs a smartphone (android or iphone) with Internet access, as you will be guided by an app. The teams get points depending on how quickly they solve the challenges and whether they can do so without clues. When you are done you can immediately see the results and announce the winning team. Do you want us to come to your city with Outbreak, please contact us for a qoute.

Suitable for groups over 50 people.

Mini-Escape Room

The Secret of Treasure Island is a mini-escape room. By that we mean that it takes about. 15 minutes for groups of 2-6 people to solve. The room is a pop-up room, so we are unfortunately not able to arrange at our premises. It is perfect for trade shows, events and the like. To set it up we need a meeting room/classroom/tent or similar with an area of at least 15 sqm. We currently have one setup of this game and can get through up to 18 people per hour. If you have a larger event where you are interested in greater capacity, or a similar concept, please contact us and we can see if we can help you.

Escape Room in Stockholm

We have Escape Rooms in our premises in Solna. Up to 6 people can run at the same time, but it is possible to run several rounds after each other.
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Custom made challenges?

If you are looking for a custom made challenge, do not hesitate to contact us at